It's not jelly, It's Jammit! Jam!

Jammit! Jam specializes in spreadable fruit for sophisticated palates using seasonal, whole-fruit, natural raw cane sugar, herbs or spices, and a splash of libation.  Our "jams" are produced in small-batches, still hand stirred and hand poured into each jar. Jammit! Jam is low in sugar, and we are a Certified Female Owned business.

Jammit! Jam began as a love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.  We promise to never compromise quality by only producing jam that is whole fruit, small-batch, and jam-i-licious.


The company was founded in January 2014 and started selling in August 2014 at a local farmers market.  Before we knew it, we were unable to keep up with local demand. We knew we had a jam gem when people were telling us that they were eating it directly out of jars with their spoon.


Jammit! Jam’s flavors are so delicious because we are passionate about only using whole, seasonal fruit, from whatever region has it fresh and in season at that time, we use only pure cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup or anything that isn't pure). We balance the fruit with the perfect spice, herb and libation. We tested every recipe for months.  We love to cook and to experiment in the kitchen and because of that, we have an understanding of what flavors naturally complement one another. We use our spoon as our symbol because if the finished jam wasn't spoon-worthy to eat right out of the jar, then we weren't done testing the recipe. Our method of cooking really allows the multiple layers of flavors to shine through. And because the alcohol gets cooked out, Jammit! Jam can be enjoyed by the entire family. Jammit! Jam pairs beautifully with artisan cheeses, gourmet pastries and can even be warmed up as a sauce or chutney over meat, pork, duck or chicken.