It's not jelly, It's Jammit! Jam!

Reviews of Jammit! Jam

Seriously good jam, dammit! I've tried three of the oh-so-fine flavors so far and am looking forward to enjoying the remaining varieties! This morning, I stirred a tablespoon of Blueberry Balsamic Black Pepper into Greek yogurt and walnuts for breakfast- it tasted downright indulgent!  ~Andie~

Jammit Jams flavor combinations are deliciously unique and compliment each other in the most wonderful ways. ~Amy~

Great to meet the Jammit Jam ladies in San Francisco at the Fancy Food show. The handmade quality of each flavor is amazing! I can definitely see spooning it straight out of the jar! I adore the Apple Bourbon and the Peach Thyme Prosecco. English Muffins can't ever be boring with these on the shelf. Wonderfully received! Your product is pure magic! ~Susann~

Had the very fortunate opportunity to taste their whole line at the fancy food show in sf. Their Apple bourbon was knock your socks off great. ~Ryan~

I have just received my first gift box of Jammit! Jam and it is delicious! I can tell that these are handcrafted and put together with much time and attention to all of the flavors melding just right. I will be ordering some! ~Jennifer~

Amazing! The flavors are complex and delicious! The packaging is lovely and makes a great hostess gift. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Blackberry Star Anise Merlot, but they are all great. ~Lindsay~

My jams arrived! All three are delicious, but the strawberry chili . . . OMG so good. Try them! Strawberry is crazy good. Sitting here eating it by the spoonful!! ~Lisa~